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Moms Beef Stew

Moms Beef Stew

A taste of home for your next adventure!

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Mom’s Beef Stew—a comforting and hearty culinary experience designed specifically for hunters, backpackers, and hikers venturing into the great outdoors. Crafted with the finest ingredients, including premium Akaushi beef chuck roast, this savory stew promises to be a nourishing and flavorful companion on your adventurous journey.

Key Ingredients: Akaushi Beef Chuck Roast, beef broth, sweet onions, tomato sauce, red wine vinegar, carrots and celery, garlic

Net Weight: 4 dry ounces

Instructions: Tear top from bag, remove oxygen absorber, pour in 8-10 oz. of boiling water, stir, seal and wait about 10 minutes and then open and enjoy.


What is Akaushi beef?

Akaushi beef is a breed of Wagyu cattle imported from Japan around 1994. They are know for their marbling and flavor. Their fat unlike other breeds is high in oliec acid and conjugated linoleic acid and they are naturally high in HDL cholesterol (the good kind).

Are these meals good?

I stand by our meals, I think they are excellent and our customers are telling us how much their families like them, including their kids. The quality of our products are extremely important to us. I take them on long trips so I know I will have decent food to eat along the way.

Do you have meals with more than 1 serving.

When you are looking at outdoor meals, compare net weight rather than serving size. Our meals contain as much or more than other meals that advertise them as 2 servings. 

Are your meals organic?

While we use a lot of organic ingredients, they are not completely organic.

Are these meals freeze dried or dehydrated?

Freeze Dried, freeze drying removes 99% of the water content while preserving flavor. Dehydrating removes about 85%.

What is the shelf life of your products?

If stored in a cool dry place, out of the sunlight, they will last up to 25 years without refrigeration.         

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Moms Beef Stew

Moms Beef Stew


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  • These were awesome, definitely a huge fan of the chicken tikka Masala.

    Skunked Productions
  • I do not say this lightly, we were thoroughly impressed, you
    guys do it way better than any of the others and you guys will be very successful on that alone.

  • Great product loaded with flavors and various options to fit any budget and any need! Adventure Well is my go to when back country hiking and guiding!

    Wicked7 Outdoors
  • Took these meals on a 7 day back country elk hunt and they were awesome. Great taste and a perfect hot meal for the end of a hunting day.

    Jason Burch
  • Good tasting meals after a good hike. Mom’s beef stew is my favorite.

    Tyler Burch
  • Best dehydrated meals I’ve had in the backcountry!!

    Justin Stanley
  • Hunted 7 days straight and ate a different meal every day.
    I’ve eaten a ton of MRE/dehydrated/freeze dried meals but I loved how these
    looked, smelled, and tasted like real food. The breakfast scramble, unstuffed pepper soup, and chicken tikka masala were my favorites. Go try a couple of these, they are game changers. Many of these would pair well with a tortilla
    for those looking to get creative in the backcountry. – In Season Outdoors.

    Tyler Ernst
  • These meals were definitely the highest quality dehydrated meals I’ve tried. They will be my go to brand for future hunts for sure. I really enjoyed trying some of the more unique recipes that were available.

    Dylan Streeter
  • Great dehydrated meals! Used while up elk hunting and they did the trick. Great flavor, healthy and filling. I highly recommend!

    Taryn Grimm
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